Multiple Loan Requests Simultaneously

Make multiple credit requests in parallel – does that make sense?

Make multiple credit requests in parallel - does that make sense?

Those in urgent need of credit may think of making several loan requests simultaneously. Parallel inquiries could lead to a safer and faster fulfillment of a loan request – so the consideration. That does not always lead to the goal. On the contrary, the credit opportunities may even worsen.

Basically, it is not a problem to make multiple credit requests simultaneously, as long as they are pure condition requests. For comparison portals, this option is even offered explicitly. If you use the portal, you will first get an overview of the cheapest offers. The conditions shown are examples, not a specific offer. The listing has more the character of advertising ads.

No problem with pure condition requests

No problem with pure condition requests

As a user, you can then select one or more providers to make loan requests. You will need to provide appropriate information about yourself, your profession and your economic circumstances, and then receive offers tailored to your situation. Such a parallel request is even recommended, because it tells you the fastest way which offer is actually the cheapest for you.

The fact that you make several loan requests at the same time does not affect your credit bureau statement. Although credit requests are recorded as condition requests, they can not be viewed by other banks and do not affect your credit bureau score. Comparative portals therefore often advertise with credit bureau-free credit inquiries or credit inquiries without credit bureau.Also, if you submit several credit inquiries in parallel via online appearances of banks, these are usually only reported as condition requests.

If possible, apply for credit only at one institute

If possible, apply for credit only at one institute

The situation is different if it is not about inquiring about the conditions, but if you apply for several loans at different institutes at the same time. Such a request is each reported as a request credit. Other banks can recognize the entry for about ten days. In addition, multiple credit requests that have taken place in parallel within a short time period will negatively impact your credit bureau scoring. Your creditworthiness worsens.

A bank that learns that you have also lodged a loan with another institution will be more reserved regarding your request, which is immediately apparent. Since the credit bureau query is standard on credit checks, you can assume that the institution will be aware of your other efforts. The advice is therefore: several loan inquiries at the same time, in order to find out the most favorable conditions, are not a problem and expedient, the loan application should be placed however only with an institute of your choice. If you refuse, you can still risk a new attempt.

Pattern shareholder loan | Example shareholder loan


Shareholder loan

Shareholder loan

Therefore, no liability is accepted for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of all stored information such as e-books and samples. Suborder: Patterns / Patterns for Download On this page you can find an example of a qualified submission agreement. It regulates the subordination to a claim associated with a shift of debts by the lender. Restructuring measures can be made possible as a result of this subordination agreement, as the lender’s claims can be removed from the borrower’s excess debt balance sheet, thus preventing imminent insolvency.

As a rule, financial claims are to be reimbursed in chronological order of their due date. There is a difference between simple and qualified subordination. Qualified subordination is intended to ensure that the corresponding claim not only lags behind the claims of all other lenders, but that the claim can only be made from the free annual surplus or liquidation surplus or from the non-current assets exceeding the other liabilities of the company.

Moreover, this can only then be enforced after the fulfillment of all creditors of the company and before the deposit claims of the co-partners. The main areas of application of the subordinate agreement are so-called subordinated loans, which usually rank last among the requirements to be met. The subordination first contains the personal details of the payer and the payee between whom an agreement has been made.

The creditors

The creditors

The creditor’s claim is set and he specifies his qualified submission. At the same time, an appointment can be made until which the claims are deferred. You can easily download the samples of the submission form from our website. At present the vendor has under [] of? ] Payment claims against the debtor. The parties are aware that the debtor is currently unable to meet these obligations in full.

For all claims of the creditor against the debtor in the sense of 1, a comprehensive qualified subordination is agreed between the contracting parties. The subordination declaration leads to a revocation of all creditors who would be creditworthy pursuant to section 38 (1) sentence 1 no. 1 no. 1 InsO, in the event of bankruptcy proceedings on the assets of debtors and a revocation also behind the illiterate persons in mind of 39 para. 1 InO.

Thus, the lender enters the same state as all claims for repayment of deposits and would have in bankruptcy proceedings in the state of 199 p. 2 Ino. be fulfilled. With immediate effect, the debtor may only meet the creditor’s claims from future earnings and assets not required to cover the share capital.

The creditor will not dispose of the above-mentioned claims, especially not to collect, secure or assign to third parties, not seize or settle with them. The right to cancel the claims by revoking or issuing the underlying sales contracts is not affected by this.

The non-binding pattern must be individually reviewed by a lawyer or tax expert and adapted to the case before use. Help us to keep our free samples in the PatternWiki up to date! If you need to improve or update the sample, use the link below the sample to edit the sample.

In return we will designate you as a co-author with your name and profession under the pattern with start page in case of activating your processing.

Business Ideas with the advent of Internet and Free Opensource


Do you surf the internet and use social networks every day? Use these tools to your advantage and increase the sales of your business. You can promote your company yourself by implementing any of these actions:

Make your own website. A few years ago, thinking about designing a website seemed like a titanic task where only programming geniuses could succeed. However, today there are many platforms that offer practically ready templates so that you think your own page in a few steps. What was once considered an exclusive luxury for the big brands, is now a basic necessity for anyone who wants to increase the sales of their business.

Create your online store. Like websites, online stores give you the opportunity to display your products in different cities without having to have a store in each place. Although you can also find free options to make your online store, you will need to pay for the domain, that is, for the address that your store will have. After much thought, did you finally decide the name for your store, but you have no cash? Do not let them win the domain. Approach Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker Mexico and request an online loan to get you out of this kind of trouble.

Use social networks. Open a fan page for your business and start promoting it in a more professional way. Make the most of social networks by implementing some of these actions:


Use social networks. Open a fan page for your business and start promoting it in a more professional way. Make the most of social networks by implementing some of these actions:


  • Organize events: if you are going to have a special promotion or sale, create an event so that all your followers receive the notification and make it easier for them to find out about your offers.
  • Make dynamics and raffles: a simple way to publicize your products or services is to organize raffles through social networks. In addition to gaining followers, you will get more people to see your fan page.
  • Upload your catalog: it never hurts to remind your followers what are the products you offer, and with more reason if what you sell is temporary or valid.

Do you want to take advantage of upcoming promotions to refill your products?


Do you want to take advantage of upcoming promotions to refill your products?


If you don’t have the necessary capital, remember that with Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker Mexico you can get the extra money you need.

Take advantage of instant messaging. Use WhatsApp for more than sending memes. Create attractive images with very concise information so that your contacts know more about your business and visit your website and social networks.

As you can see, increasing your business sales through the internet can be very simple. Dare to apply these tips and grow your business. If you need support to implement these strategies, choose a secure financing option: Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker online loans. With us, the procedure is 100% online and on your first loan you only have to pay what you asked for. Do the test! Enter our site and discover all the benefits of Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker online loans.

Buyback of consumer credit: calculate its cost

Before starting a consolidation or buy-back of consumer credit, it is important to calculate the cost. To do this, we must take into account the mandatory fees related to the buyback and ancillary costs, sometimes less visible in the credit conditions. Here is the procedure for calculating the overall cost of the repurchase of credit.

The weight of early repayment indemnities (IRAs)

The weight of early repayment indemnities (IRAs)

To determine the total amount required for the repurchase or consolidation of credit, the prepayment allowances provided for in the original loan agreement must be included. Unlike real estate loans, where IRAs frequently represent 3% of outstanding capital, consumer credit often has more favorable terms.

In most cases, the contract provides for an IRA rate of around 0.5% or 1% of the outstanding capital on the day of the transaction. It should be noted that the Consumer Code (article R 312-2) limits these allowances to 3%.

Included in the credit agreement, early repayment benefits are difficult to negotiate. Nevertheless, certain situations are more favorable for obtaining IRA reductions, especially when the consolidation of consumer credits takes place within the same financial institution as before.

Who says credit redemption says… file fees

Who says credit redemption says... file fees

In the vast majority of cases, a repurchase of credit involves the mandatory payment of administrative fees. But this cost only intervenes when the operation is actually carried out. In concrete terms, this means that the application fees are not payable during the feasibility study of a consolidation or repurchase of credit. This simple inquiry is free, even from a broker. In the event of a refusal of the redemption transaction, no fee is payable. It is the signature of the offer of redemption of credit which triggers the expenses of file.

Negotiate fees, it’s possible!

Negotiate fees, it

It is possible – and even advisable – to negotiate the level of fees upstream. In general, it takes about 1% of the amount of redemption fees. But this level is of course negotiable. It all depends on the quality of the borrower’s file, his ability to negotiate and the willingness of the credit institution to make a commercial gesture. It is then possible to obtain a significant reduction of the expenses of files, in particular in case of regrouping of credits with the consumption.

When the borrower is able to assert a first-rate business relationship, open a bank account or even the domiciliation of household income, it is not uncommon to see the credit institution completely cancel the administrative fees.. In this case, competing – online or in an agency – and comparing several buy-back offers plays a vital role.

Take into account insurance costs in the overall calculation

Take into account insurance costs in the overall calculation

When carrying out a consumer credit buyback operation, the purchase of a death and disability insurance is mandatory in most cases. The same is true for a credit consolidation. These contributions are often overlooked when calculating the cost of the buyback, but they are indeed additional costs to consider.

The borrower can cover himself against the risks of disability, death and temporary incapacity for work. Depending on the insurance contract, depending on the indemnification conditions and the coverage levels, the costs can vary enormously. It is therefore essential to compare these elements carefully, to be sure that two competing offers are comparable.

Another element of the death and disability insurance to take into account in the cost of the repurchase of credit: the basis for calculating contributions. These can be calculated according to the initial amount of the credit or according to the capital remaining due after each monthly payment. In either case, an apparently identical premium rate will not give the same monthly contributions at all!

Place to the competition!

Place to the competition!

Once the borrower has made sure that two competing offers have been established on a comparable basis, he can negotiate the rates offered by the companies. In terms of insurance, each situation is unique, but the offers are nonetheless negotiable. In most cases, the offered rates range from 0.2% to 0.7% to provide a buy-back of consumer credit.

Redeeming real estate credit

Low interest rates encourage homeowners to renegotiate their home loans. The repurchase of mortgage offers the possibility of repaying its loan by means of a new credit less expensive, either to reduce the amount of the maturities, or to shorten the duration initially planned. Is it always a good deal?

The repurchase of mortgage loans as part of a renegotiation of the interest rate

The repurchase of mortgage loans as part of a renegotiation of the interest rate

A credit buyback operation is interesting if the number of years remaining is greater than the number of years passed. Clearly, this means that if the initial term of the loan is 20 years, it will not be interesting to renegotiate the mortgage if it remains less than 10 years before the end of the loan.

In fact, the borrower will have already paid the majority of the interest, and he will only have the capital to repay. So, why pay for new ones?

The outstanding capital must be greater than 50 000 euros for a real profit, and the difference in rates must reach at least 1 point. If the borrower has taken out a mortgage at 3.5%, the new rate should be at most 2.5%.

The repurchase of mortgage credit must also take into account the costs borne by the borrower:

• the prepayment penalties provided for in the contract, although regulated by law, compensate the lender for the loss; they are limited to 6 months of interest or a maximum of 3% of the outstanding capital;

• any warranty costs.

The repurchase transaction must cover these costs. We must not lose sight of the total cost of credit: the longer the duration, the higher the cost.

The repurchase of real estate credit within the framework of a regrouping of credits

The repurchase of real estate credit within the framework of a regrouping of credits

Consolidation of loans consists of repaying various loans, including real estate loans, to pay only one monthly payment, usually less than the sum of all maturities. This type of operation is intended to generate more cash or to finance a new project.

Again, care must be taken to calculate that the gain obtained by the repurchase of credit covers the prepayment penalties of the mortgage.

Loan of the company

Shareholder loans 

Shareholder loans 

In addition to bank loans and loans from third parties, shareholders (managing directors) can also underlay their own limited liability company with loans, the so-called shareholder loan. This is an advantage if the OwnH only has a limited credit memo requirement and you do not want to provide a permanent equity capital (share capital), if you want to take advantage of your OwnH’s business tax exemption for interest. Within the framework of tax audits, loan agreements between the shareholders and the OwnH are processed particularly intensively.

Loans to your OwnH were completely re-regulated.

Loans to your OwnH were completely re-regulated.

If you granted loans to your limited liability company in a crisis situation or did not deduct existing loans at the time of the crisis situation, these were classified as equity-equivalent. Therefore, they were not allowed to settle the loans before the end of time. In the event of insolvency, they were considered equity-equivalent. However, it was very difficult to determine exactly when a crisis situation will start and which falls exactly under the capital-replacing loans. outrcken.

Because if a partner with more than 10 percentage points of the OwnH granted a loan, which is in the case of bankruptcy exactly the same as passive capital and / or own funds. In the case of bankruptcy, a partner will generally no longer be aware of his partner loans (“Section 39 (1) of the Bankruptcy Code”). The non-executive director, who is committed to the OwnH with a maximum of 10 percentage points, is however preferred.

These loans are not considered subordinate and can therefore be enforced in the insolvency proceedings as well as claims of other creditors. Example 2: ABC OwnH has been in crisis since 2005, with a share of 50 percentage points, 40 percentage points and 10 percentage points. On November 1, 2008, you will grant the companies loans of E 100,000 each.

On 01.11.09 the loan will be redeemed to A. There are currently assets in the amount of EUR 300,000 on the assets side and the liabilities side, EUR 100,000 on C, EUR 100,000 on C and EUR 400,000 on other liabilities. Solution: The credit claims of the federal government in the amount of 100,000 EUR are in the sense of 39 insolvency orders subordinated and thus for the lost federal territory.

It is no longer possible to challenge the loan repayment to A because the one-year deadline for repayment of the loan repayment has been exceeded. The C (because no CEO and only with 10 percentage points involved) is considered as a privilege like the other creditors. Because the bankruptcy rate is around 3/5 (300,000 assets in relation to 500,000 EUR of relevant debt), C gets back around 60,000 EUR and B nothing at all.