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Shareholder loan

Shareholder loan

Therefore, no liability is accepted for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of all stored information such as e-books and samples. Suborder: Patterns / Patterns for Download On this page you can find an example of a qualified submission agreement. It regulates the subordination to a claim associated with a shift of debts by the lender. Restructuring measures can be made possible as a result of this subordination agreement, as the lender’s claims can be removed from the borrower’s excess debt balance sheet, thus preventing imminent insolvency.

As a rule, financial claims are to be reimbursed in chronological order of their due date. There is a difference between simple and qualified subordination. Qualified subordination is intended to ensure that the corresponding claim not only lags behind the claims of all other lenders, but that the claim can only be made from the free annual surplus or liquidation surplus or from the non-current assets exceeding the other liabilities of the company.

Moreover, this can only then be enforced after the fulfillment of all creditors of the company and before the deposit claims of the co-partners. The main areas of application of the subordinate agreement are so-called subordinated loans, which usually rank last among the requirements to be met. The subordination first contains the personal details of the payer and the payee between whom an agreement has been made.

The creditors

The creditors

The creditor’s claim is set and he specifies his qualified submission. At the same time, an appointment can be made until which the claims are deferred. You can easily download the samples of the submission form from our website. At present the vendor has under [] of? ] Payment claims against the debtor. The parties are aware that the debtor is currently unable to meet these obligations in full.

For all claims of the creditor against the debtor in the sense of 1, a comprehensive qualified subordination is agreed between the contracting parties. The subordination declaration leads to a revocation of all creditors who would be creditworthy pursuant to section 38 (1) sentence 1 no. 1 no. 1 InsO, in the event of bankruptcy proceedings on the assets of debtors and a revocation also behind the illiterate persons in mind of 39 para. 1 InO.

Thus, the lender enters the same state as all claims for repayment of deposits and would have in bankruptcy proceedings in the state of 199 p. 2 Ino. be fulfilled. With immediate effect, the debtor may only meet the creditor’s claims from future earnings and assets not required to cover the share capital.

The creditor will not dispose of the above-mentioned claims, especially not to collect, secure or assign to third parties, not seize or settle with them. The right to cancel the claims by revoking or issuing the underlying sales contracts is not affected by this.

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