Ready for business project: crowdlending sites, bankless credit for businesses!

To finance a business project, it is possible to go elsewhere than at his banker, and that’s revolutionary! The financing of a professional project can be done with private individuals, directly via a crowdlending site. These bloom on the net, offering to those who seek a personal loan without the banks a solution (in any case, they can not lend to everyone). But what are the best crowdlending sites in France to find a loan for a professional project?

Crowdlending, what is it?

Crowdlending, what is it?

In a few words: crowdfunding for companies (not to be confused with anonymous donation sites ). For individuals can now extend credit for an SME, where a bank is reluctant to make a business credit without input.

And it works ! One has only to see the recent success of PAP loans to be convinced, even if the rates are not better (it’s even the opposite, because conditions may be easier). The device on sunny days ahead of him.

For individuals interested in investing their savings

Be careful though: this is venture capital in most cases, which means that we can not always be sure to recover its stake, the business world is full of dangers for entrepreneurs! On the other hand, if it works, a return of 5% or more can be considered, especially since it is paid regularly and is not subject to capital gains.

Few investments currently offer a return of this level. To find the best, better to do a little simulation.



When an individual commits to lend money to a company, it is because he believes in it. SMEs have a strong support here. Unilandia is a big platform to make a small credit, 10000 euros, until a larger loan: 1/2 million, which will have to be able to repay in 5 years maximum.

The advantage of this site of crowdlending, in addition to being able to find a financing, is the speed of the provision of the funds: according to the project, less than one hour can be enough, even if on average better to count on 15 days. The advertised interest rate on the site includes all fees. We know immediately how much we will have to repay each month.

To start the machine

You have to start by presenting the project on the site. This is a good first window, because in the end, this advertising is free. The rate is not fixed yet. It will be according to the proposals of individuals. The good news: no guarantees required (and therefore no pledge of the business as may require banks).

Fees: In addition to repayment interest, please note that 4% of the funds raised (if the entire requirement has been subscribed) via the platform are withdrawn by Unilandia + 1% per year of what remains to be paid.

The rules for borrowing

If we do not ask for guarantees, there are still rules to respect. Thus, the company must be French and have existed for at least 3 years. Only those who have passed the difficult course of the first three years are eligible, which reassures individuals.

It will be necessary to give details on the financial situation of his company. If it is bad, there is little chance of being accepted into the program.

Lenders, they must also be from the EEC, Switzerland or Monaco and major, which makes sense. Everyone can start to lend, since it is possible to open an account with 20 euros. Then you choose the project that concerns you and formulate your offer: amount and rate.

These conditions will then be validated (or not) by the applicant company. Attention: in case of many subscribers, and if the needs are exceeded, it is the lowest interest rates that will be retained first.

MoreFund Bank

MoreFund Bank

Another structure that allows companies to find financing outside the traditional banking system, to find a suitable interest rate, but also to make themselves known to the general public.

It is no longer the banker who will decide if your project and yes or no viable, but the general public, and that changes everything! When we are in a development phase, we must also think about this communication tool

MoreFund Bank studies the file thoroughly, of which put the chances of your side before presenting it by bringing together all the documents requested by the organization. Once the green light is received and the last tax package “validated”, to you America!

You have 1 month to convince individuals to trust you and believe in your project. In any case, you will not have any personal guarantee to give and it will not be necessary to engage your own property. The loan can reach 1 million euros: who says better?

Interest + fees: 3% of the loan


Still a fairly simple platform for linking individuals who want to lend and TPE or SME who have needs to develop or to launch new projects.

The system, detailed a little higher is about the same, the slogans here being simplicity and speed. For lenders, 10% interest is not utopian, everything will depend on supply and demand.

Conditions for entrepreneurs who want to borrow

One accounting year is enough: good news for young companies registered in France. Here, it is not the individuals who set the rate, but Lexima, according to the amount requested and the project.

Fee: 3% of the amount borrowed + 1% per year + 0.5% on the guarantee account for the lenders.

Ready Up

Ready Up

Crowdfunding continues to see new platforms emerging. Ready up is of these, putting like its sisters the banking constraints in the waste.

For entrepreneurs who are going to “cry” to their banker know it: it is increasingly difficult to get a loan from his bank, unless you have very strong loins. Many intermediaries will have to give their opinion, and the file will take time to finalize, sometimes several months.

On the investor side, they are fed up with seeing their savings being so low paying and not knowing what they are doing with their money. Crowdfunding is therefore a win-win system, where everyone benefits, provided that the deadlines are repaid.

Other platforms

  • Zelxen: loans ranging from 20000 to 400000, repayable between 2 and 5 years, for a rate between 4 and 12%. The practical side: a simulator on the site.
  • Lenduxo: operates as a market place and requires at least 2 balance sheets showing a profit for any registration. For investors, you must put at least 100 euros to open an account.
  • Crediterho: the loan rate starts at 3.40%. The +: the representative of the company that borrows is insured in case of death or loss of autonomy.

Lending communities

Lending communities

The economy is bad, and this is news for no one. The model of our parents does not work anymore. We must reinvent ourselves, and find other solutions to revive the machine.

The phenomenon (let’s call it that, because it really is) of crowdfunding started a few years ago with the artistic projects that needed funds to see the day, offering the artists the means of their ambitions, but also a great way to get to know the general public under the leadership of the forerunner, mymajorcompany, some became thanks to this virtual word of mouth of real stars.

After the artists, it is the credit to individuals that has followed suit, with the emergence of a new way to be lending money.

Prêt d’Union is now well established in the credit landscape in France. Now, it is the turn of the companies to get going, developing a system that was at the origin of the equity participation, as had been developed by some associations such as Sigamures and Maritas.

For companies calling on individuals

This is the assurance of having subscribers totally involved in the project, able to invest financially but also to become the first customers, to talk about it, to talk about it, to create buzz on the Internet, in short to bring society into its century and allow it to live with its time.

Do you have a pro project to develop your existing structure? Play the competition, and parallel the proposals of your banker and those of crowdlending. You will surely come out winning.


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